How to Relax when Home Alone for the First Time

Published November 10, 2009 by arien20

it can be pretty nerve-racking when thinking about staying home alone for the first time. Don’t fret! Whether it’s for a week or a few hours, your best bet is to just relax.


1. Do what needs to be done This is the perfect time to finish any chores.
2. Listen to some music Listening to your favorite sounds at a not so loud volume can calm you down.
3. Occupy your mind Sitting around thinking about how scared you are to be alone for the first time isn’t going to do yourself any good. Try reading a book or watching some television.
4. Carry on as usual There is no need to do anything out of the ordinary. A safe routine has relaxing effects.
5. Become comfortable Doing anything to make your situation less stressful can help you worry less.


* Exercising is another good way of relaxing.
* Follow any instructions that your parents left for you to do.

* Be alert of your surroundings. While listening to music can clam you, having it so loud that you cannot hear anything else isn’t a good idea.
* There is no need to go wild just because you are alone. Having giant parties will have its consequences.

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2 comments on “How to Relax when Home Alone for the First Time

  • Yah, terkadang mau mancing tidak ada kail, ingin hobi berkebun tidak ada halaman. Mungkin relaks pun sekarang jadi barang mahal (untuk orang yang suka mengeluh), he he. 😀

    • ya tapi semua tergantung niat kita…sulit memang dirumah sendirian. apalagi gak punya ide. beruntung punya ide mancing. coba deh kalu ndak punya kan bisa pinjam tetangga…
      untuk berkebun ya bisa buat mianiatur kebun didalam rumah.

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